The Veterinary, Hungerford 

The builders are hard at work at The Veterinary in Hungerford, where our design is really starting to take shape! This extension will create a lovely new public entrance, comfortable waiting area, dispensary and consulting rooms.  The size of the car park has also been increased and the next phase of the project will see the operating rooms rearranged.  You can see the spectacular new entrance in progress to the left of the photograph and there is currently a temporary entrance to the Veterinary which can be seen to the right - at last we had a beautiful sunny day in Berkshire!


Building your new home in your own back garden!

Do you like where you live, but would like a different house-if you have a large back garden you may be able to get the house you want and stay in the same location-download our "In your own garden pdf" to see how we have helped clients achieve that dream.


Designing an affordable house

This is a slideshow which shows different methods of construction that can be used, including SIPS panels, beco system build and traditional construction


New House

New House recently completed. Built on a small site it has been very economically constructed


Enhancing your living space


    New kitchen extension  








 Before adding kitchen extension