Building your new home in your own back garden!

Do you like where you live, but would like a different house-if you have a large back garden you may be able to get the house you want and stay in the same location-download our "In your own garden pdf" to see how we have helped clients achieve that dream.


Designing an affordable house

This is a slideshow which shows different methods of construction that can be used, including SIPS panels, beco system build and traditional construction


New House

New House recently completed. Built on a small site it has been very economically constructed


Enhancing your living space


    New kitchen extension  








 Before adding kitchen extension      








Replacement dwelling in a Berkshire village using SIP panels

This house replaces a large bungalow in a Berkshire village and is constructed partly utilising the existing foundations and ground floor slab. 

The owners with their family moved in to  a mobile home in the front garden and managed the project themselves.  It comprises pre fabricated SIPs (structural insulated panels) from SIPs Industries who supplied and erected the building in 7 working days during the summer.  Within a further three weeks the roof was completed, fully tiled with soffits and fascias, all in natural cedar.  The finish to the walls is a flexible render on backing panels or cedar, all of which the owners fitted;  windows are by Velfac.  The owners completed sufficient of their home to move in at the end of November, dispense with the mobile home and take two weeks off for Christmas.  They are continuing to fit out the house with specialist help only where needed.

They anticipate having their home fully completed by Easter and work could progress more quickly if they were not frequently showing interested visitors around!