"Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are some of the most beautiful and cherished landscapes in Britain.  They are designated as special landscapes which provide a range of benefits for people and wildlife.  The primary purpose of AONB designation is to conserve and enhance that natural beauty. The North Wessex Downs AONB is located in the south of England, in an area covering 668 sq miles between Reading and Swindon to the East and North, and Andover and Devizes to the South and West."

We practise in the centre of the North Wessex AONB and development is strictly controlled even to the extent that extensions to dwellings in the countryside attract significant scrutiny. It is in this area that our expertise at Mathewson Waters Architects has achieved considerable success, including the construction of replacement dwellings and on occasion, new dwellings, particularly in relation to racehorse training establishments and for agricultural workers. With the introduction in the planning system of Permitted Development under a Prior Notification, there now exists the opportunity, even in the AONB,  to change the use of redundant agricultural buildings.