What do we do?

Potential clients often ask what type of work do we undertake, so I thought it might be helpful to give an overview of our work in housing.

  • we design new homes for all tastes, modern, traditional, eco-friendly, and probably most important, family friendly. We take into account the site and maximise its potential so that clients can feel that they have the house they want that suits their needs and looks great!

  • we design exciting extensions which enhance the the existing building and add value to the property.

  • we add basements, attic rooms, granny annexes, disabled needs extensions, swimming pools, tennis courts, stables and games rooms.

  • we convert barns into wonderful family homes.

We have a wealth of clients who will endorse my statements above. Contact us and we can always get a reference from past clients .

We also undertake commercial work, residential developments, medical centres and a great deal of equestrian work.